BARC-CT Senior Adoption

BARC-CT Senior Adoption Contract for DOGS


In consideration of the terms outlined in this agreement, BARC CT (Bridgeport Animal Rescue Crew, Inc.) hereby agrees to adopt a dog described as follows to Adopter:

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TERMS OF ADOPTION: The adoption fee for a Senior dog is $250. Please make your payment immediately by visiting the donations page on our website, Veterinary records and paperwork cannot be issued until payment has been received. We do not accept checks as a form of payment for adoption fees. The fee is tax-deductible where allowed by law. This fee helps to off-set the incurred veterinary expenses, food, supplies, and general needs of the dog while in foster care. ADOPTION FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE unless otherwise agreed to (in writing) by BARC CT Director *prior* to adoption. Full details about your senior dog should be discussed prior to adoption. The senior dog you are adopting may or may not have qualified for spay/neuter, vaccinations/microchip or other veterinary services. It will be the adopters sole responsibility to provide any needed medical care now or in the future. By signing this agreement, you agree to all terms. I agree to pay the full adoption fee to BARC CT. If the adoption fee is not paid, I agree that the dog must be returned to a representative of BARC CT, immediately. Should I not be able to return the dog, I agree to permit a representative of the rescue come to my home to retrieve the dog. I agree that I can not transfer custody of the dog to anyone other than BARC CT and I agree to return the dog to BARC CT if I am ever unable to keep the dog. I may not make unilateral decisions about whom the dog will go to in the event I cannot keep the dog, and I agree to give written notice to BARC CT that I need to re-home my dog. I understand that it may take up to twenty days to make arrangements to care for my dog and if I need to remove the dog immediately, I agree to arrange and pay for boarding for up to twenty days as may be required. *
I agree to maintain this dog on a proper diet and at a weight sensible for its size and age. This often includes a grain-free and/or poultry-free. I will provide fresh food, fresh water, and plenty of exercises daily. *
To provide routine preventative care which may include but, is not limited to: a. Annual physical examinations by a licensed veterinarian. b. Vaccinations against DHLPP, Rabies, and Bordetella kept current according to local laws and/or at the advice of a licensed veterinary professional. *
To always keep this dog within a securely fenced yard or supervised on a leash; to never leave this dog outside when no one is home, to never allow the dog to be tied up or chained, nor left unsupervised in a yard for long periods. Dogs left alone and unsupervised may dig out, climb over or otherwise escape and barking dogs do not make for happy neighbors. *
To exercise normal care in maintaining the health of this dog. *
To provide regular grooming of the coat to prevent matting if needed. I will also keep nails neatly trimmed, and provide proper care for the ears and skin. *
To provide updates to BARC-CT on the dog’s progress. We want to know how you and the dog are doing! We love pictures and would like to see them regularly. *
All BARC-CT dogs are microchipped with BARC CT as the secondary contact associated with that chip, unless otherwise noted. *
I agree call or go online to PetLink to add my contact info as the primary within twenty (20) days of adoption. *
I agree to keep BARC-CT as an auxiliary/secondary contact with the microchip company upon adoption. *
I agree to each of the following conditions: The typical characteristics and temperament of the dog have been explained to me. I understand that dogs are not stuffed animals and that they have independent will and do occasionally exhibit behaviors not previously seen. In other words, this dog may do new and novel things in my home. I understand this fact, and I will not blame the foster or the rescue when my new dog does inexplicable things. *
I have been advised that the dog can sometimes dig, chew, have accidents and exhibit other undesirable traits unless adequately supervised, confined, and trained. Proper training is a must, and I agree to provide such training to my adopted dog by a certified dog trainer. I agree to contact BARC CT for recommendations for a trainer or training program in the event of a problem.  *
I understand and agree to take my new dog to a trainer to help him/her become a happy, well-adjusted family pet. I also agree to enlist the help of a qualified professional should an issue arise with my adopted dog. I understand that dogs need to be shaped and molded, and I am committed to working through any perceived 'issue' or event throughout the course of my dog's life. *
I understand that the dog's prior history may not be known and that this dog may have been neglected, mistreated, or abused and that special care or precautions may be required. I understand that I am not buying a dog from a breeder providing detailed pedigrees, nor am I getting a specially-trained dog (unless otherwise noted) that can anticipate my wants and will do them without being asked. I get that this dog may be shy, or scared or even happy and super bouncy. I understand what it means to be a rescue dog and will give the dog every opportunity in the world to succeed. *
I understand that this dog will need time to adjust to new routines, new family, and new surroundings. This adjustment period may be anywhere from a few days to several months. Also, I am aware that the dog may need training in basic house manners. I understand this means the dog will not necessarily be perfectly well-behaved on arrival and I will work with the dog just like I would if I was bringing home a human baby. I agree that as an adopter, no matter the circumstances, I will behave appropriately and in the event, I must return the dog, I will not make threats to shoot the dog/dump the dog/turn the dog into a shelter/hurt the dog, or other inappropriate behavior. I also will not demand that someone get the dog RIGHT NOW. I am an adult, and I understand that things can go wrong and I will deal with it appropriately. If I deal with it poorly and threaten the dog or make unreasonable demands of BARC CT and/our it’s representatives which include demands that we get the dog immediately/before dawn/from 10 hours away, etc., I understand that BARC CT will deem this an immediate threat to the safety of the animal and will take immediate action.   *
I understand that I must allow a MINIMUM of 14 days (two weeks) for my newly adopted dog to have adequate time to begin to adjust to the sudden change of environment. *
I agree to carefully introduce the new dog to the existing dogs and cats. Coming to a new home is stressful for the new dog and your existing animals. The careful introduction is a must. Your new dog needs time and space to adjust to the surroundings, and your current animals need to feel they are not being replaced or crowded. Introducing the new dog can result in growling, barking, submissive urination or other undesirable behavior. Properly managing the introductions is therefore important. I understand that the new dog/my dog may growl, show their teeth or do other things dogs do and I will not freak out. I will also not set up the new dog to fail by doing things like putting out high-value treats or new toys. I agree to use crates and separation methods to introduce the new dog slowly, and I do not expect instant best friends and happiness from the new dog and my dog. I understand that relationships take time and I will give it that time. *
I understand that interactions between my child(ren) and the new dog must be carefully supervised. Any dog in rescue is carefully screened, but dogs are dogs and unpredictable on occasion and especially in new surroundings. I agree that I will never leave my child alone and unsupervised with the dog as I realize that one mistake on my part can result in injury and the dog never having a home. In simple terms, kids are not educated enough to make wise decisions around dogs. That's your job as the parent or the person in charge of the little people in your home during visits. I also agree NEVER to allow a child to ride or sit on the dog. This is dangerous and harmful to the dog. Not every dog loves kids, and I will educate myself on the signs of a dog being stressed by the antics of kids by reviewing this website: Signs of Anxiety. Dog and kid safety is important, and I will never allow a child to engage with a dog without my involvement. *
I agree that as the Adopter of the dog, I am ultimately responsible for the actions of other people in the home as they relate to the dog. I agree that should be any member of my family or other occupant/guest of my home engage in conduct detrimental to the dog, that BARC CT may at its sole discretion, reclaim the dog and remove it from the home. I understand that the safety and well-being of the dog is my responsibility as the Adopter and that includes supervision of the interaction of the dog with other people in the home. Every effort is made to make sure that any dog we place is thoroughly evaluated for its temperament, health, physical soundness, and overall adaptability before it is ever offered up for adoption. We spend a tremendous amount of money providing vet care for our dogs, and we hire vets to provide that care. Vets can and will make mistakes just like anyone else does. We rely on the vets to decide what kind of care is needed and if our vets miss something, it doesn't mean they are bad vets or that we failed to provide care. Not everything is, and if we know about it, we treat it.  We also rely on our vets to determine what vaccinations/treatments/tests are needed just like you do. We are not vets. If our vet does something different than your vet does, that does not mean your vet is better or worse than our vet. Professionals have different opinions on what care should be done, and it has been our experience that vets will frequently have a difference of opinion. *
We care about our dogs and our adopters, and we do our very best to make sure that the dog is right for the adopter and in good condition. However, Rescue cannot and does not guarantee the health or temperament of the dog, has no documentation on the actual breed or lineage of the rescued dog other than educated guesses (unless we provide you with breeder paperwork), and costs for medical care after placement are the responsibility of the adopting party(s). We do our very best to send a healthy dog home with you, and we want our adopters to understand that dogs are living creatures who can become suddenly ill, just like humans do. We do not reimburse incurred vet expenses once the adoption contract is completed, which is why we suggest adopters obtain pet insurance.  *
We do our best to thoroughly evaluate every dog to see how the dog does with other dogs, cats (when possible), and kids. Any statement we make as to the suitability of a dog for interaction with dogs, cats and kids/people are based on common-sense observation and on occasion, the advice of a professional. Adopters must be aware that they control the dog and the dog's interactions with other people and animals. Failure to adequately supervise your dog's interactions with other people and animals can have devastating consequences, and by adopting this dog, you are agreeing that you understand the limitations of BARC CT’s ability to foresee into the future and that your actions in managing your dog are of penultimate importance. *
It is further agreed that if I fail to perform any of those acts which I have guaranteed to perform or if I violate any term of this agreement or if I give BARC CT any reason to fear for the safety of the dog or if I engage in behavior detrimental to the BARC CT, then BARC CT may, at its option, retake possession of the dog and I will forfeit further right to the dog. I understand I may be held responsible for all costs related to the retrieval of the dog, including court costs, attorney's fees, vet fees, boarding fees, and other related expenses. I agree to hold harmless and release BARC CT and/or its officers, directors, volunteers and other individuals working for and/or assisting with rescue from all liability, claims, and/or causes of action arising from any acts, injury and/or occurrences engaged in and/or caused by the dog subject to this agreement, as well as indemnification for damages, court costs, and/or attorney's fees incurred by the BARC CT and/or its members for any court proceedings relating to such matters. I agree that the adoption of this dog shall be deemed to have occurred in the State of CONNECTICUT and jurisdiction for any dispute lies with the Fairfield County, Connecticut , courts and that Connecticut law will apply to any dispute. *
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